Cambridge ICT Starters Cambridge Elevate Teacher’s Resource – eBook


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Developed to support the teaching of ICT Starters regardless of experience level, the teacher’s resource supports non-ICT specialists with clear and concise lesson delivery guidance. Inside you’ll find ideas for lesson plans and activities, as well as the source files required for the exercises in the coursebook. If you wish to buy this resource, we will email you a book code – please contact your sales consultant or customer services.


  • Introduction
  • ICT Starters Initial Steps. 1. Starting with text
  • 2. Starting images
  • 3. Starting graphs
  • 4. Starting searches
  • 5. Starting searches
  • 6. Starting email. ICT Starters Next Steps Stage 1. 1. Exploring documents
  • 2. Exploring images
  • 3. Exploring spreadsheets
  • 4. Exploring databases. ICT Starters Next Steps Stage 2. 1. Exploring programming
  • 2. Exploring the internet
  • 3. Exploring email
  • 4. Exploring multimedia. ICT Starters On Track Stage 1. 1. Documents for a purpose
  • 2. Multimedia for a purpose
  • 3. Spreadsheets for a purpose
  • 4. Databases for a purpose. ICT Starters On Track Stage 2. 1. Programming for a purpose
  • 2. Website design for a purpose
  • 3. Networks for a purpose
  • 4. Video or animation for a purpose.

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