Cambridge IGCSE® Biology Practical Workbook


This edition of our successful series to support the Cambridge IGCSE Biology syllabus (0610) is fully updated for the revised syllabus for first examination from 2016.

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Written by an experienced teacher who is passionate about practical skills, the Cambridge IGCSE® Biology Practical Workbook makes it easier to incorporate practical work into lessons. This Workbook provides interesting and varied practical investigations for students to carry out safely, with guided exercises designed to develop the essential skills of handling data, planning investigations, analysis and evaluation. Exam-style questions for each topic offer novel scenarios for students to apply their knowledge and understanding, and to help them to prepare for their IGCSE Biology paper 5 or paper 6 examinations.


  • The practical workbook focuses on the most essential practical experiments in each syllabus, to help to build students’ skills in handling data and experimenting – the requirements for Assessment Objective 3.
  • The practical workbook includes scaffolded guidance for undertaking practicals with necessary safety advice, information about equipment, opportunities to record results and questions to develop skills of analysis and evaluation.
  • Suitable for the Cambridge IGCSE™ Biology syllabus (0610) for examination from 2016. Ideal for both Paper 5 and Paper 6 (practical test and alternative to practical)
  • Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Examinations.
  • The practical workbook helps to save teachers’ time by providing pre-devised investigations with questions as well as answers to aid with marking.
  • The practical workbook helps to build students’ confidence with practical skills by encouraging active involvement in practical experiments.


  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Quick skills guide
  • Safety guidance
  • 1. Classification
  • 2. Cells
  • 3. Movement in and out of cells
  • 4. The chemicals of life
  • 5. Enzymes
  • 6. Plant nutrition
  • 7. Animal nutrition
  • 8. Transport in plants
  • 9. Transport in animals
  • 10. Pathogens and immunity
  • 11. Respiration and gas exchange
  • 12. Excretion
  • 13. Coordination and response
  • 14. Homeostasis
  • 15. Drugs
  • 16. Reproduction in plants
  • 17. Reproduction in humans
  • 18. Inheritance
  • 19. Variation and natural selection
  • 20. Organisms and their environment
  • 21. Humans and the environment
  • 22. Biotechnology