Cambridge International Primary: Reading adventures: Adventure pack Purple, Gold, White


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  • This pack contains reading materials suitable for readers of traditional grade 3 and 4 level. Word counts of books range from 503-1640. Books in the White band are divided into chapters. The books link with the Cambridge International Curriculum Science and English level 3 and 4. Other topics linked in a story format: history, Biology, Geography, Entrepreneurship and more.

    What is inside: Cambridge Reading Adventures: Adventure Pack 5 contains one each of the scheme’s 21 Purple, Gold and White band readers. They are provided in a slipcase with the scheme Parent Guide. Actual dimensions of resource: W 19.6 x D 4.2 x H 25.3. Purple Band: King Fox (Fiction) Purple Band: Sandstorm (Fiction) Purple Band: Ships, Boats and Things that Float (Non-Fiction) Purple Band: Going on a Plane (Non-Fiction) Purple Band: Sinbad and the Roc (Non-Fiction) Purple Band: The World Book of Facts (Non-Fiction) Gold Band: Scarface: The Real Lion King (Non-Fiction) Gold Band: Animals of the Ice Age (Non-Fiction) Gold Band: Tefo and the Lucky Football Boots (Fiction) Gold Band: Yu and the Great Flood (Fiction) Gold Band: Lost at Sea (Fiction) Gold Band: Giants of the Ocean (Fiction) Gold Band: From Rags to Bags (Non-Fiction) White Band: The Great Escape (Fiction) White Band: The Great Migration (Non-Fiction) White Band: The Silk Road (Fiction) White Band: Sticks and Bricks and Bits of Stone (Non-Fiction) White Band: The Mobile Continent (Non-Fiction) White Band: Earthquakes (Non-Fiction) White Band: Mei and the Pirate Queen (Fiction).

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