Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics Learner’s Book 7 with Digital Access (1 Year) – Print/Online Bundle



Whether you’re learning about integers, fractions and probability or collecting data, graphs and decimals, this series helps you develop your mathematical thinking skills. You’ll be fully supported with worked examples and plenty of practice exercises while projects throughout the series provide opportunities for deeper investigation of mathematical ideas and concepts, such as sequences or placing co-ordinates on axis. With key word boxes, clear diagrams and supporting illustrations, the course makes maths accessible for second language learners.


  • Understand what you need to know with the ‘Getting started’ feature at the start of each unit
  • Develop your ability to think and work mathematically with clearly identified activities throughout each unit
  • ‘Think like a mathematician’ provides investigation activities linked to the skills you are developing
  • ‘Summary checklist’ in each session and ‘Check your progress’ exercise at the end of each unit help you reflect on what you have learnt
  • Answers for all activities can be found in the accompanying teacher’s resource


  • 1. Integers
  • Project 1
  • 2. Expressions, formulae and equations
  • 3. Place value and rounding
  • 4. Decimals
  • 5. Angles and constructions
  • Project 2
  • 6. Collecting data
  • 7. Fractions
  • Project 3
  • 8. Shapes and symmetry
  • 9. Sequences and functions
  • Project 4
  • 10. Percentages
  • 11. Graphs
  • Project 5
  • 12. Ratio and proportion
  • 13. Probability
  • 14. Position and transformation
  • 15. Shapes, area and volume
  • Project 6
  • 16. Interpreting results
  • Glossary and Index.