Cambridge Lower Secondary Science English Language Skills Workbook 8 with Digital Access (1 Year) – Print/Online Bundle



Our English skills for science workbook helps you learn key scientific terms and express yourself effectively, making science more accessible. You’ll work through a range of activities, such as presenting data and labelling diagrams, giving you opportunities to develop your language skills and fluency in English. The English Skills and Support section gives you information about important English topics that you will use in science. You can use this section at any time you need help with English during your studies.


  • Clear introductions show you what you’ll be learning
  • Information boxes provide useful background to the exercise
  • Packed with exercises to help you develop your English in a scientific context
  • Follows the structure of your learner’s book for easy correlation


  • 1. Cells
  • 2. Materials and their structure
  • 3. Forces and energy
  • 4. Grouping and identifying organisms
  • 5. Properties of materials
  • 6. Earth Physics
  • 7. Microorganisms in the environment
  • 8. Changes to materials
  • 9. Electricity.