Cambridge Reading Adventures: Turquoise Band Reader Pack (10)



Bring stories from around the world into your classroom with Cambridge Reading Adventures, our primary reading scheme for ages 4 to 12. Children explore the seas with Sinbad, marvel at the wonders of the sky above us and unearth the secrets of the ice age with this exciting series.

Turquoise Band extends descriptions of places and people, with phrases and
expressions that provide new challenges to reading.
• Vocabulary in both fiction and non-fiction is often less common and requires the reader to use their knowledge of spelling patterns
• Non-fiction texts begin to use maps, charts and diagrams
• Readers learn to navigate information presented alphabetically in glossaries and indexes


Every reader includes detailed teaching notes on the inside back cover to help you deliver lessons that inspire a love of reading. These include:

• Full guidance for successful guided reading, including suggestions for supporting phonics, grammar, comprehension and new vocabulary
• Follow-up activities that help your learners get creative with the stories
• Cross-curricular links provided to other subjects, including specific links to the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework, International Primary Curriculum and IB Primary Years Programme

• Key book details – word count, links to other curricula, high-frequency words and new vocabulary
• Learning outcomes from reading the text


  1. Motorcycles
  2. How Chocolate is Made
  3. Clever Computers
  4. Draw the world
  5. A dark Winter
  6. The Great Jewelled Egg Mystery
  7. Power Cut
  8. Little Fennec Fox and Jerboa
  9. Sinbad goes to Sea
  10. Sang Kancil and the Tiger