Cambridge Reading Adventures: Blue Band



Explore the range of exciting banded reading, living books in Blue Band. Blue Band books feature greater variation in sentence patterns to help readers self-correct independently. The fiction and non-fiction titles introduce children to information in a variety of formats including labelling and indexes. Contains full teaching support including learning outcomes, curriculum links and follow-up activities.(Pink Band A, Pink Band B, Red Band, Yellow Band, BLUE BAND, Green band, Orange Band, Turquoise band, Purple Band, Gold Band, White Band)

  1. Making a Car
  2. My first train trip
  3. On the Track
  4. All Kinds of Plants
  5. Crabs
  6. It’s Much Too Early
  7. Suli’s Big Race
  8. Lost!
  9. The Mean Monkey
  10. A Day at the Museum
  11. The Big Pancake
  12. The Pumpkin Monster