Cambridge Rainbow Reading Level 1 – My Body (Reader Pack)


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The books in Rainbow Reading Level 1 can be used in any grade in the Foundation Phase, but they are best suited to five- and six-year-old learners in Grade R or Grade 1. Many of the learners will be learning English as a First Additional Language. Most children at this level will not be able to read by themselves in any language, and some of the children will be handling books for the first time.

Level 1 Rainbow Reading books are eight pages long. The stories are based on familiar objects and actions and the characters include children typical of those in the target age group. The artwork is very important part of each text at this level, as it supports reading and helps the emerging readers to make sense of the stories. The pictures tell the story. Text is consistently placed to help learners become confident about reading books.

There are three types of texts at this level:

  • Read Aloud stories (fiction)¬† Maximum 50 words
  • Read Alone stories (fiction) Maximum 20 words
  • Factual (non-fiction) texts Maximum 20 words


Titles include Clothes, Jabu and Dudu, keep moving, look at me, Mkhulu and me, ouch!, Teeth, The clinic, Too short