Geog. Atlas


Look Inside: 9780198390756


Use the engaging approach of geog.123 to help students develop key locational knowledge and a better understanding of the world – and to enjoy maps.


  • An atlas in the distinctive, engaging geog.123 style teachers and students know and love.
  • Improves key locational knowledge through clearly-labelled, focused maps which encourage students to build a secure framework of place knowledge.
  • Straightforward explanations and advice help students to ‘read’ maps and understand what they show.
  • Builds confidence by providing uncluttered maps that are easy to use and interrogate, so students become more confident about looking at and using maps of all types.
  • Unique coverage of places likely to feature in the news, such as the Middle East, Afghanistan, and the Falklands, helps students understand their world.
  • Special maps support key curriculum themes like global warming, desertification, and how people spread around the world.
  • Map keys provide easy reminders of symbols to help students work independently.
  • Innovative grid codes make it easy to find places listed in the index.
  • Stunning satellite images alongside physical geography maps help students understand what they’re looking at.
  • ‘Did you know?’ and ‘What if. . .’ circles bring the maps to life with interesting extra information and engaging facts.
  • Suitable for use alongside geog.123 or any other course.