The Great Map Mystery


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The Great Map Mystery is a fun, stimulating workbook. This Workbook allows learners to get actively involved in applying a range of map work skills and geographical and historical knowledge for the Social Sciences learning area. The cartoon storyline gains attention and helps motivate while providing contextual clues for more complex concepts and terminology. The Great Map Mystery is a fully-resourced book for use at the Grades 4 to 6 level and is thematically organised for learners to demonstrate knowledge and skills in Social Sciences, progressively. it contains a full set of learning activities for learners to acquire map work and atlas skills, and opportunities for creativity, lateral thinking and problem-solving. Learners can use the ‘Check’ activities for self- or peer-assessment. This book is designed to help learners discover the wonderful world of maps and atlases. Used in conjunction with any Learner’s Book and an atlas, The Great Map Mystery will help make the Social Sciences programme exciting and relevant.